What is Eerlijk Bieden?

Eerlijk Bieden is an independent quality mark for estate agents, enabling you, the consumer, to be sure that a bidding process is conducted fairly. Put simply, you can see us as an online notary who receives all the offers and checks whether all the rules are followed by the estate agent and the seller.

How can we ensure a fair bidding process?

  • Your offer always enters our secure system and remains protected from the estate agent until the deadline has passed. This way, no party can influence the price.
  • The offers are automatically forwarded to the seller, so you can be sure that no bids are being withheld.
  • All personal data of the candidates are anonymised. In this way, there is no question of favouritism and all candidates are equal to each other. Only the contact details of the buyer are disclosed after the nomination.
  • All candidates will be informed of the outcome of the sale at the same time
  • After the three-day statutory cooling-off period, all candidates receive a summary of the offers, so that you can easily find out who the buyer was and what the difference was to your offer.
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