What is a 'Constructional survey'?

Whenever you have any doubts about the constructional condition of your new dream home, you can have a constructional survey carried out by an expert. If you make use of a constructional survey as a resolutive clause, we would like to know when this will take place. There are two options:

Within the three-day cooling-off period:

During the cooling-off period, as a buyer, you can always withdraw from the purchase agreement; you do not have to give a specific reason for this. If you schedule a construction inspection within the cooling-off period, you retain the right to cancel the purchase if you feel that the inspection gives any cause to. 

Up to 17 days after the agreement:

If you want the inspection to take place at a later date, you have 14 days after the statutory cooling-off period (3 days after signing the sales contract) to let it take place. Since the inspection falls outside the statutory cooling-off period, you must specifically state the conditions on the basis of which the purchase can still be cancelled. We therefore ask you to specify a limit of the direct necessary costs, which can be found in your survey report.

  • Example 1: You have a constructional survey carried out outside the cooling-off period and indicate a maximum limit of €10.000 for necessary costs. The inspection report then shows that the foundation is in poor condition and the direct necessary costs are estimated at €35.000. In this case, as a buyer, you can dissolve the agreement, because the direct necessary costs that you specified in advance are exceeded. 
  • Example 2: For another house, you have a constructional survey carried out outside the cooling-off period and set a limit of €15.000 for the necessary costs. This time, the inspection report shows that the house is in good technical condition and the necessary costs are only €2.000. In this case, the buyer is not allowed to cancel the purchase agreement (without penalty).

As always: when in doubt, please consult an expert!

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